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Afropian is a Panafrican brand focusing on Ethiopia as it connects to the rest of Africa. It is 100% Handmade in Africa! As a Cameroonian who calls beautiful Ethiopia home, I wanted to bring what I have gleaned from my many travels on the continent to my second home. I also wanted to share “my” Ethiopia with the rest of the continent in an innovative way: through blending the striking, centennial Habesha art with the same from the rest of the continent. I wish to be that bridge and to fuse Ethiopia with other African countries.

Afropian is also a personal take on African luxury. We build on luxurious, traditionally handcrafted textiles and other art from the continent. In these days of African Renaissance, isn’t it time to focus on what has always made Africa great? Our creativity, our savoir-faire, our artisanal know-how.
For so long, we have heard a story of African misery. The danger of one’s story being told by others is that it is not accurate. I, personally, never recognize the Africa I know in the way the international media portrays us. Afropian aims to contribute, however modestly, to changing the narrative around Africa by showcasing African excellence. We are rich beyond words! Let’s claim it! WEAR AFRICA PROUDLY!

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AAchera an Independent fashion brand based in Nairobi, Kenya. The  business re-branded in 2017 . AAchera is for the bold, vibrant, contemporary Lady. Our fabrics, are sourced globally and each collection tells a story. The Brand is dedicated to creative expressions and focused on realizing artistic visions, whilst playful with contemporary currents at the frontier of international fashion. Characterized by vibrant wearable high quality pieces with distinctive advanced cuts.

Through the years, the label has demonstrated success through participating to mention a few showcases , exhibitions and competitions. It had its first fashion show, the African fashion Fair in 2011, held in Nairobi. In 2012, awarded third position peoples choice in FAFA ( Fashion For Peace) Kenya, Showcased and exhibited at the Swahili Fashion Week 2012 Nairobi and Zanzibar , In 2015 , participated at the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week. In 2016, upon her return to Kenya, AAchera  was invited to participate and attend the fashion discussions, at World Economic Forum held in Rwanda, where they  exhibited amongst other exhibitions around Nairobi and Africa. In 2018-19,  Aachera was shortlisted in the Fashion Entrepreneurship Incubation, Mitreeki  Programme  by the International Trade Centre – which supports women in the textile and apparel sector.  Through this training the brand has evolved  with a perspective of  running a creative fashion business both locally and global.

Amongst other programmes  the team has participated and been certified in the Fashionomics Africa training that took place in Kenya, 2020  funded by the African Development Bank., Business Continuity Programme by  GIZ .  AAchera was al so shortlisted and participated in the Creative DNA programme held by the British Council in the same year. These have contributed positively in the daily operations and management of the business as well focusing on creation of employment ,  for the youth and women .

The brand has also captured the attention of local magazines and newspapers, Business Daily , The People, Zen Mag Africa, True Love Kenya, Citixen and CNBC Africa to mention a few. Currently we are retailing in two stores Zuvaa online shop based in the US, as well as The Designers Studio , Nairobi Kenya, The Artisanal Gallery in Gigiri  & Village Market Pop-up store.

Our Vision – AAchera aims to empower women and the youth through creation of employment & sales of authentic products while sharing our own African compelling stories through textiles and techniques used.

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Fozia Endrias

FoziaEndrias  is  a  clothing  and  accessories  brand  based in  Addis  Ababa,  Ethiopia.  Established  by  the  forces of  passion,  enthusiasm,  and  the  drive  of  creating new  things  out  of  all  that  exists,  we strongly believe in the  power  of  humanity,  time,  and  creativity. Humanity  is where  it  starts  –  the  belief  that  we  have  to  exist  for  all  the others  to  make  sense.  We  have  to  be  conscious  about  the things  we  do,  think  about  the  generations  to  come  and the  world  at-large.  We  believe  that  sustainability  is  the issue  of  humanity.  Thus,  we  are  creating  consciousness about  our  surroundings  and  giving  thought  to  what we  do  and  how  we  do  it.  This  thought  contributes to  the  safe-being  of  our  planet  and  the  human  race. Our action reflects on the time period we live in now, and  they  will  be  the  basis  for  the  next  era  to  come.

We  believe  that  history  helps  us  understand where  we  came  from  and  teaches  us  who  we  are. History  enables  us  to  learn  from  our  past  and  also  reminds us  that  we  are  to  serve  as  motivation  for  generations  to come.  Our  call  is  to  put  our  imprint  on  this  generation, just  as  our  forefathers  did  on  the  generations  before us. We have fierce expectations on us, and its our responsibility to  show  the  world  what  we’re  capable  of.

Our  ancestors  have  passed  amazing  and  beautiful creations  of  artwork  and  techniques  onto  us,  to  serve  as our  inspiration.  We  must  hold  onto  our  passions  and  keep on  creating  art  so  that  we  can  represent  Ethiopia  and  its people  in  all  ways.  We  believe  creativity  makes  our  lives simpler,  beautiful,  and  makes  us  eager  for  the  rest  of  it.

Our Vision

To produce sustainable, high quality, casual and customized, made in Ethiopia products that are made by Ethiopian women that can compete internationally, making their own best contribution for the acknowledging, spreading the country’s culture and increase it’s impacts on the sustainable, natural fabrics and helping the economy grow.

Our Mission

To be able to make the countries sustainable fashion and sustainable textile industry grow and be able to compete internationally not just with the traditional and the classic occasion wears but also on the day to day casual wears. We believe that the existing Ethiopian clothes that we call traditional ones used to be the everyday, day to day wear of our foremothers. Thus, we want to revive this scenario by making affordable and long lasting attires, here people could also pass to their children.

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Omina Otsieno

Omina Otsieno

Omina Otsieno is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in clothing and crochet jewelry; which is characterized by unique handcrafting techniques performed by crochet and beads. The brand is passionate about handcrafts and bringing change to the community of Elunyiko. Sylvia’s devotion to her community has prompted her to develop programs in Elunyiko that train women in handcrafting techniques and educate them on economic empowerment. These techniques include;  jewellery made from banana fiber, hand woven fabrics ,screen-printing, tye dye and making accessories for clothes made from banana fiber, clay, reeds, and bamboo and crochet yarn.

Sylvia Omina Otsieno

Sylvia spent her childhood in Elunyiko in Busia County creating dolls from clay and making dresses for them. This creative expression laid the foundation for the birth of her brand years later. In 2017, she founded the fashion brand Omina Otsieno.

Through the work of her brand, Sylvia is focused on three main areas of sustainable development, which include education, alleviating poverty, and industry, innovation, and infrastructure. She hopes that Omina Otsieno will become the fashion and arts brand of choice in Africa, gaining international recognition.

Sylvia is acting on the economic inequality that plagues those impoverished living in villages while resources surround them in abundance. Her aim is to leverage fashion businesses and design skills available in the villages to create art and products that will bring economic prosperity to those in need.

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Keri Fashion

Keri Fashions (KF) was established in 1989 by Ms Kerubo Nyaribo as an outlet for creativity and unique attire. KF is located on the Ground Floor of Old Waumini House, Chiromo Road in Westlands Nairobi

Kerubo Nyaribo

I love beautiful and unique, and I believe God made us all that way.

That is why I design clothes that I believe will make the wearer feel beautiful and one in a million, unique!

We just keep wanting to be other people who we think are beautiful or better than we are.

There is beauty in all of us, we just need to let it out by believing it is there, and that is what inspires me – to create designs that make one feel beautiful and yet uniquely African. Designs that are creative, yet easy to wear like the collar dress in pink and green crushed taffeta, a dress that makes you want to catwalk.

In recent times, African designs and fabrics have become very popular, but for quite a few people they do not want it too ethnic so I thought of doing something modern with an African touch, hence the Taffeta dress with the straps ending like African gourds highlighted with beads, and the evening silk dress with splashes of tie and dye, a celebration of vibrant colours.

A dress that makes you feel alive! I want my clients to feel wow in my designs.

KF Vision

To be a World Class Fashion Design House

KF Mission statement

To design and manufacture high quality, unique, creative, and functional attire



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Ranks Leather

Who are we?

Welcome to the world of leather in Kenya!

Ranks Leather is a leather goods manufacturing and social enterprise company, specialized in making leather footwear and accessories. Our range of products include: Leather shoes, Leather wallets, Belts, Handbags, among others. We also customize products for private entities and individual customers. Our products are partially handmade and we mostly use locally available raw materials.

Our mission is to be the reference company for quality leather footwear and leather accessories.

Our vision is to ensure every household in Africa and all over the world owns atleast two Ranks Leather accessories.

Our passion is to provide quality leather goods at competitive prices, while fulfilling the basic needs of the society.

Core values
Our core values include:
• Honesty- in production and service to our clients,
• Good customer service – to all our clients,
• Promptness- in meeting our customer needs.

Our products include:
• Leather footwear,
• Leather wallets and purses,
• Leather belts,
• Leather handbags and pouches,
• Customized products for hotels, and private companies.

Social Enterprise:

While we produce goods for the market, we are keen on sustainability. Ranks Leather partners with other individuals and institutions in order to provide footwear (especially leather school shoes) to the needy in society. We have worked with partners and we have supplied pure leather school shoes to children’s homes in different parts of Nairobi. We endevour to build this component of our company, in order to ensure that the needy also have high quality pure leather shoes.
This will contribute to our social responsibility of ‘Keeping needy children in school’.
You are welcome to walk this journey with us!
Visit our shop at Bishop Magua House, Kiambu Town!


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Divine Organic

  1. Our Journey

  1. Prospect

In the next five years, Divine Organic Foods looks forward to becoming the lead brand in Uganda in the value-chain of root-tuber crops powered by investment in cutting-edge innovation in green technology. We shall achieve this through strategic partnerships with government of Uganda Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local governments, research institutions, development partners, farmer organisations and like-minded private sector actors. We shall upgrade our processing plant in Lira with state-of-art machinery to boost our production capacity, improving our food safety standards, expanding our marketing outlets targeting the general wellbeing of the population especially children and expectant mothers. Investment in bio-gas plant will support town waste management, increase production through use of organic manure by farmers in Lira and reduction in the use of charcoal by increasing use of biogas for cooking.

  1. Our Model:

Divine Organic Foods works and supports over 3,500 farmers from Lango, Acholi, Teso and West- Nile sub-regions who grow one or both crops for commercial and/or household food security. With the growing demand for gluten free OFSP flour (as a substitute to wheat flour), and natural sources for vitamin A, sugar, and food colour by food industries (bakeries, biscuits and ice-cream factories),

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