Omina Otsieno

Omina Otsieno is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in clothing and crochet jewelry; which is characterized by unique handcrafting techniques performed by crochet and beads. The brand is passionate about handcrafts and bringing change to the community of Elunyiko. Sylvia’s devotion to her community has prompted her to develop programs in Elunyiko that train women in handcrafting techniques and educate them on economic empowerment. These techniques include;  jewellery made from banana fiber, hand woven fabrics ,screen-printing, tye dye and making accessories for clothes made from banana fiber, clay, reeds, and bamboo and crochet yarn.

Sylvia Omina Otsieno

Sylvia spent her childhood in Elunyiko in Busia County creating dolls from clay and making dresses for them. This creative expression laid the foundation for the birth of her brand years later. In 2017, she founded the fashion brand Omina Otsieno.

Through the work of her brand, Sylvia is focused on three main areas of sustainable development, which include education, alleviating poverty, and industry, innovation, and infrastructure. She hopes that Omina Otsieno will become the fashion and arts brand of choice in Africa, gaining international recognition.

Sylvia is acting on the economic inequality that plagues those impoverished living in villages while resources surround them in abundance. Her aim is to leverage fashion businesses and design skills available in the villages to create art and products that will bring economic prosperity to those in need.

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