1. Our Journey

  1. Prospect

In the next five years, Divine Organic Foods looks forward to becoming the lead brand in Uganda in the value-chain of root-tuber crops powered by investment in cutting-edge innovation in green technology. We shall achieve this through strategic partnerships with government of Uganda Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local governments, research institutions, development partners, farmer organisations and like-minded private sector actors. We shall upgrade our processing plant in Lira with state-of-art machinery to boost our production capacity, improving our food safety standards, expanding our marketing outlets targeting the general wellbeing of the population especially children and expectant mothers. Investment in bio-gas plant will support town waste management, increase production through use of organic manure by farmers in Lira and reduction in the use of charcoal by increasing use of biogas for cooking.

  1. Our Model:

Divine Organic Foods works and supports over 3,500 farmers from Lango, Acholi, Teso and West- Nile sub-regions who grow one or both crops for commercial and/or household food security. With the growing demand for gluten free OFSP flour (as a substitute to wheat flour), and natural sources for vitamin A, sugar, and food colour by food industries (bakeries, biscuits and ice-cream factories),

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