Afropian is a Panafrican brand focusing on Ethiopia as it connects to the rest of Africa. It is 100% Handmade in Africa! As a Cameroonian who calls beautiful Ethiopia home, I wanted to bring what I have gleaned from my many travels on the continent to my second home. I also wanted to share “my” Ethiopia with the rest of the continent in an innovative way: through blending the striking, centennial Habesha art with the same from the rest of the continent. I wish to be that bridge and to fuse Ethiopia with other African countries.

Afropian is also a personal take on African luxury. We build on luxurious, traditionally handcrafted textiles and other art from the continent. In these days of African Renaissance, isn’t it time to focus on what has always made Africa great? Our creativity, our savoir-faire, our artisanal know-how.
For so long, we have heard a story of African misery. The danger of one’s story being told by others is that it is not accurate. I, personally, never recognize the Africa I know in the way the international media portrays us. Afropian aims to contribute, however modestly, to changing the narrative around Africa by showcasing African excellence. We are rich beyond words! Let’s claim it! WEAR AFRICA PROUDLY!

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