Renie Fresh is a women-led business that started approximately six years ago with focus on sweet peppers (capsicum) production in greenhouses. Having faced market instability, I decided to take this challenge as a research project during the agribusiness short course in value chain analysis that was funded by the Australia Awards Africa at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. The study results showed the need for value addition in order to access profitable markets, which gave birth to the capsicum processing idea. It is with this that Renie Fresh executes processing, packaging of vegetables (capsicum) and other spices and herbs. Our business model is to work with smallholder farmers directly as suppliers of reliable raw material. We also advocate for transparency in the value chain and inclusivity is key to all our engagements.

The business was a result of solving market availability for fresh fruits and vegetables that we were producing. Moving to value addition was a result of solving this problem. Customers need of our initial products inspired us to add spices and herbs as a new business line. Our main agenda is to increase income through value addition, expand our employment base through our value chains, and increase productivity of other smallholders who supply raw materials to us.


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