Muyishime is a Nairobi-based sustainable luxury brand strongly anchored in these contemporary times, focused on sculptured, tailored designs that are innovative, androgynous and gender-fluid, ignoring the separations around gender by flowing between feminine and masculine, uniting and fusing. This is a very necessary recalibration of society. The brand also tackles the crisis in self-confidence through adaptable and adjustable clothing. The brand was started in 2016 as an artistic endeavour by the creative director/owner, Muyishime Edi Patrick, immediately after joining campus to do his BA in fashion design and marketing. The brand does not shy away from exploring bright colours and explosive sculpted silhouettes that come to life in gowns and our signature palazzo pants.

Muyishime represents liberation, awakening and transformation…

Muyishime is for all. It is limitless and dreamlike. It is bold and unapologetic, while still upholding elegance and timelessness.

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