SOFIA is a fashion brand established in 2017 by Sofia Hussen that aims to fulfil a market gap in modest fashion for women, particularly Muslim women. SOFIA’s aesthetic is a funky twist on traditional Ethiopian garments, giving a contemporary choice to those who appreciate hand-woven textiles and handmade construction, but are looking for styles and motifs that better represent their cultural sensibilities.

SOFIA’s vision is to be recognized as a unique, quality, eco-friendly, simple, modest and elegant fashion brand. The brand’s core values include creativity, commitment, consistency, sustainability and social responsibility. SOFIA’s signature look is a playful mix of colours, fabrics, and detailing such as patchwork, embroidery and knitting.

Sofia Abdu, founder of SOFIA, has a great commitment to social responsibility and actively volunteers in the charitable organization and orphanage Sele Enat (, which focuses on providing a safe and happy environment for children and families through sponsorship and other programmes. SOFIA plans to work with these families by training women in embroidery and knitting techniques for skills building and income generation.

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