My love of fashion started way back at the age of three, when my Barbie dolls would be striped of the custom clothes they came in and I would cut off pieces of fabric from old clothes and stitch outfits for them. Even at an early age, I realized normal wasn’t enough for me.

I was really fascinated when watching people on TV rocking avant-garde pieces on runways. The outfits were so different and sometimes weird, but I loved them.

Fast forward to now – Kileo Look was birthed on 25 October 2015 as a “side hustle”. In January 2017, I decided to do it exclusively and, in less than two months, we will be celebrating our second anniversary.

My greatest joy is my first meeting with a client. I allow clients to design the piece with me. Their input is critical. We discuss body type and what event the piece is to be worn at so as to meet the client’s needs.

Equally, if not more exciting, is to see the smile on my clients’ faces in fitting sessions and see their appearance, confidence and even posture transform before my very eyes.

I love every bit of this and would not have it any other way.

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