Founded by Jamil Walji in 2010, Jamil Walji Couture is your number one source for all things luxury gowns. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of high-end customized couture gowns, with a focus on uniqueness in every look. Quality craftsmanship is always the top priority in every look you purchase in your transition to a better you.

Jamil Walji
I graduated in 2009 from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Malaysia. I was awarded a presidential award for excellence and being one of the best in fashion and retail design, along with other awards such as the Industry Excellence Award in Malaysia. Jamil Walji Couture was one of the first brands to take East Africa and Kenya to Sao Paulo fashion week 2015. It was the first time in history that Sao Paulo fashion week put black models on the catwalk. My pieces are now displayed in the African Brazil museum (Museu Afro Brasil). I was the award winner for most creative and innovative looks. I have won FAFA Emerging Designer of the year 2012 and Established Designer of the year 2013 (Nairobi Fashion Awards), and various awards such as Stylo Mercedes Benz Malaysia, Triumph lingerie Malaysia and others. Through this, Jamil Walji Couture was able to have the opportunity to represent Kenya and showcase in Mozambique Fashion Week 2012 and 2014 in December. I represented Kenya in Uganda at the Mavuno Yetu festival, for which I was able to dress the beauty queens Miss Rwanda, Miss Uganda and Miss Tanzania. I also dressed Miss Universe Kenya at her finale in the Philippines while representing Kenya. Jamil Walji Couture has come a long way from its beginnings in a house in Westland’s Nairobi, Kenya. When Jamil Walji Couture first started out, it was with a passion for healing and empowering people to be their true self, and accepting and healing their past to make a better future. I was broken by how women were treated in our society and not getting equal opportunities, yet we are all one at the end of the day. Especially what some women have to go through in this country just to raise their families – it is the most painful, unforgivable and unforgettable ordeal! Where will we hide our shame when these are the stories coming out from our societies! It drove me to find a solution on how to make a woman feel good through fashion, creating a feel-good factor that can, in turn, help women’s emotional, mental and physical well-being. It gave me the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a healing fashion brand. I wanted women to feel good about themselves at any time and age and every way possible to feel the importance of them being on this Earth. Now we serve customers all over the world, and are thrilled to be a part of the sustainability in fashion around the world, at the same time synchronizing healing elements and aspects into the fashion brand by using healing crystals, reiki energy and healing symbols, or sigils with hidden healing properties and much more. We hope you enjoy our healing fashion journey with a message of awareness by keeping alive traditions and cultures across the world and also women empowerment, as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brand DNA
Jamil Walji Couture is designed by couturier Jamil Walji. The gown designs are timeless, exclusive, sophisticated and luxurious, translated into couture looks, with a cultural twist of inspiration, keeping alive culture and heritage across the globe. This is by extracting the original old inspiration and translating it into a modern look; hence, keeping the elements or textures from the past incorporated into the look. It’s a lifetime experience for every woman to feel embodied in our unique and detailed exclusive fashion-forward pieces to help you stride the world like it is your runway. This experience brings open-minded single and married women an opportunity to feel well and be part of a balanced community. We collaborate to bring acceptance and women empowerment in your emotional healing, to provide greater levels of euphoric energies to give women acceptance of the importance they serve in our world. We sell quality craftsmanship always. People should always dress well in classy, exquisite and timeless pieces of clothing from generation to generation, to boost their feel-good factor level. We do not only give you fashion; we also give you the healing element to feel good inside and outside during the making of your custom-made experience, being part of what you want in you, translated outside of you, making you feel precious, loved and femininely exquisite. We are absorbed in sustainability and always strive to apply ourselves in the making of accessories from scrap waste fabrics that are all unique in their own way, making one-off pieces while staying true to the uniqueness of the brand. The elegantly made attention to detail-oriented pieces are works of art. Each look is carefully made by Jamil Walji, making the quality a higher standard from designing to the attention to detail and robust uniqueness in every look.

• The peacock depiction is the epitome of beauty. This graceful power in the brand offers lessons about self-love, honour, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges as well as the unknown with courage and confidence. When the peacock struts gracefully into your life, you may be entering a time of rebirth. This possesses a firm connection between the past and present and recognizes its effect on the future. I readily see the importance of integrity and honour, and am confident in all I do. Those with a Jamil Walji piece recognize the need for light-heartedness and laughter.


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