House of El is a Hebrew root word meaning might, strength and power. The brand was established in 2019 by Sypho Omollo after quitting full-time employment as a web designer. This was a journey of self-discovery and asking for a path to be happy and fulfilled. Growing up seeing her aunt make beautiful clothes with the African print kitenge was the beginning of her keen eye on how to mix different patterns, prints and textures of fabrics to come up with amazing attires.

Our brand exists to tell a story of a modern woman who is full of life, confident, satisfied and bold. These are strong attributes that will enable this type of woman to bring change to her surroundings. Therefore, our custom clothing made out of love is full of life and colour, with simple, pretty designs that bring out the wearer’s femininity.

Co-creating these styles with our clients and photographing them on us and our friends who love fashion and living life at its fullest is fun. Coexisting in peace as we do what we love strengthens our bond of growing together through life events.


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