Fridah Ngugi is the founder and creative director of Frika Designs, a fashion design company based in the towns of Embu and Meru in the Mount Kenya region. The company is headquartered in Embu.

Frika Designs creates both male and female outfits inspired by African culture and modern fashion. Established in 2014, the company has served clients like corporations, wedding parties, individual consumers and hospitality staff.

Fridah works closely with clients, incorporating their requirements and specifications. Her designs are often made to measure. In addition to design, she trains and coaches her clients in dressing etiquette. This high-touch service has helped grow the business client portfolio to all parts of the country.

Fridah is a firm believer in continuous improvement and is constantly focused on bettering her business practices and the ways she engages with clients. This keeps her up to date on the most relevant and innovative details in the fashion industry.

Her influence has inspired many to adopt African-inspired outfits into personal wardrobes both in her local community and more broadly. Her products are characterized by African fabrics and bold colours to represent her culture. She integrates clear-cut designs and neat finishes to incorporate elements of modern fashion into her creations.

At the core, elegance and vibrancy manifest in all her work.

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