About Etsub

Etsub is an African-inspired fashion brand that manufactures and retails ready-to-wear women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, leather bags, different accessories and home goods. Etsub is an Amharic word meaning “elegance”. Our products are pleasing and graceful in appearance, with classic styles that are timeless and flattering with originality. We want to have long-term loyalty from our customers, business partners and employees by empowering innovation, craftsmanship and humanity. We want to renew customers’ feeling by making them feel good, confident and motivated. We want to be responsible about product wastes, and use different fashion industry wastes and recycled materials in our creations. We believe in teamwork, learning and growing together as a family to take Ethiopia and Africa to the next level in the fashion industry.

Our vision
To make a difference in people’s lives so they can be their best selves through our meaningful products and brand stories.

Our values
Passion, family, empowering, responsibility, humanity, learning, teamwork, trust, positivity and elegance. About the founder Etsegenet Dessalegn is a civil engineer and fashion designer who loves exploring the world, learning about different cultures, foods and heritages, and then mixing them with Ethiopian cultures to create her fashion creations. As a civil engineer, she worked in different construction companies in different positions for more than 10 years until she launched her own construction company in 2014. Her career as a fashion designer started after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. After she completed her treatment, she said “life is too short not to start what you love to do” and started learning fashion design in 2014, as it was her favourite thing to do since childhood. Now she wants to spread positivity, love and hope through her products and wants her customers to feel great, inspired and confident.


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