Akari Natural Spices packages ground spices and herbs. We carefully clean and grind our spices for maximum quality, adding an endless sumptuous taste, aroma, flavour and colour to food.

Our huge range of choices of purely organic herbs and spices locally sourced from Uganda and East Africa include cloves, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, cactus, guava leaves, coriander, black pepper, healthy and tasty blends of spices and much more.

We aim to become the best possible natural spice company that provides customers with quality products locally and globally, unlocking the potential for improved lasting health and endless food taste through spices and herbs where hygiene and purity are paramount.

We started our enterprise to promote women’s livelihood and contribute towards replacing poor diets and chemically exposed foods with organics after the proprietor experienced a great change in her health when using herbs and spices.

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