Aidesho is an ethical fashion brand with the tag line “Fashion with Purpose”. The brand produces trendy and impacting streetwear apparel, concentrating on 100% Ethiopian cotton that is handwoven and mixing it with other fabric to create a fusion of modernity a tradition.

We decorate our product mostly with telet, a strip that is also hand woven. We love to use our traditionally hand-made embroidery, and sometimes we do crochet as well.

We love telling the story of our cultural tradition and history to the whole world through fashion.

We love creating a platform that we can use to give on-the-job training and create job opportunities for

youth and women, especially single moms, so that they can earn more and provide for their loved ones or improve their own lives.

Fashion is our tool to impact the world in which we exist to make it a better place to live in for today and the next generation. Consistency, sustainability, zero waste management and impactful living are what we are all about.

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