Who is AdzJoa?
Our brand was born of two friends with a common love for fashion, a passion for clean lines, a longing to give back to our communities by creating opportunities for local craftsmen and a strong desire to reduce the waste in the clothing production cycle. Although we are firmly rooted in African culture, AdzJoa plays on other cultures by fusing African fabric with fabrics from all over the world.

Our mission
Everything we do at AdzJoa is rooted in unity – between friends, cultures or even clashing print. Even our brand name, AdzJoa, is a union between our founders’ names, Adjoa and Adzo. We strive to be a clean, green, sustainable fashion brand with a focus on clean lines and modernizing traditional silhouettes. Our sustainability ethic involves no waste and we use all leftover pieces in the making of other elements such as buttons, belts, wallets and pouches, which elevates our brand’s aesthetic appeal too.

Our products
We are known for quality over quantity, respect for fabric, and timeless pieces that connect people with wanderlust and culture. Chic and bold, we give each client an experience in both service and product delivery that leaves a mark. When you wear a piece from AdzJoa, expect to reflect the fabric culture of countries like Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya and many more.


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