One of the major reason that prompted me to establish this business is that I was very passionate about children and women’s health in general, who mostly suffer from malnutrition and some lose their lives. There is also a great opportunity in idle land together with availability of labour (peasants) in most of the areas in Tanzania. Nevertheless, there is a large market for nutritional foods, both national and international.

Organic Moringa products:
• Moringa leaf powder
• Moringa leaf powder capsules
• Moringa seed powder capsules
• Moringa seed
• Moringa root capsules
• Pure Moringa oil

  • Organic turmeric powder capsules
    • Organic baobab powder
    • Kitarasa green banana flourWe work with marginalized and disadvantaged groups to try to help them overcome the serious barriers that they face in sustaining livelihoods and finding markets.

We encourage our customers to eat organic nutritional products.

Improving health and well-being of our community through access to health and nutritional foods.

We envision a community where everyone has access to good-quality, nutritious food, understands the significance of a healthy diet and also to understands the consequences of poor nutrition.


Continuously working to innovate and improve products.



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